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According to EnergyStar® dirt and neglect are the top causes of heating and cooling system inefficiency and failure. Proper maintenance is an important step in preventing future problems. The Link Comfort Club has just what your HVAC system needs to run at its best all year long.

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Heating 21 Point Checklist

  1. Inspect Thermostat
  2. Inspect Blower Motor / Bearings
  3. Inspect Heat Exchanger
  4. Check Temperature Rise
  5. Inspect Fan Control
  6. Inspect Safety Controls
  7. Inspect Ignition System
  8. Inspect All Electrical Connections
  9. Check Gas Pressure
  10. Inspect Thermocouple / Pump
  11. Lubricate Moving Parts
  12. Check Back Up Heater Elements
  13. Inspect Sequencer Operations
  14. Check Volt & Amp Draw
  15. Inspect Breaker
  16. Inspect Flue Pipes
  17. Inspect & Clean Burners & Pipes
  18. Inspect & Clean Flame Sensors
  19. Test Cycle for Proper Operation
  20. Test Home for CO Levels
  21. Change Filter

A/C 21 Point Checklist

  1. Inspect Thermostat
  2. Check Temperature Drop
  3. Check Air Flow
  4. Inspect and Clean Drain Lines
  5. Inspect and Clean Relays
  6. Inspect Indoor Coil
  7. Inspect and Clean Blower Motor
  8. Check Blower Motor Amp Draw
  9. Check Compressor Amp Draw
  10. Condenser Motor Amp Draw
  11. Inspect All Electrical Connections
  12. Inspect Fan Bearings
  13. Inspect and Clean Outdoor Coil
  14. Inspect and Clean Contactors
  15. Inspect and Clean Capacitors
  16. Check Refrigerant Levels
  17. Lubricate Moving Parts
  18. Check Disconnect Power Box
  19. Check Breaker
  20. Test Cycle for Proper Operation
  21. Change and/or Clean Filter

Our mission is to provide constant comfort to all of our customers.

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